The Seduction of fraud
Corporate scandals, identity theft, data breaches, cheating in professional sports! What's going on?  Why is this happening?  Why are people behaving like this? It makes me feel like the world is falling apart! How do people get seduced into fraud?  How do fraudsters use seduction to deceive people? Who is your "internal" auditor?
Unveiling the Truth
The Seduction of Fraud will transform fraud training into a fun, engaging, personal development program for you and your organization. We will inspire you, inform you and challenge you, all in an interactive format. We go beyond ordinary tools and techniques by leveraging popular movie clips and current scandals in the headlines to help you understand seduction, and we will take a deep dive into the emotional mindset of fraudsters and other bad actors.

You will invest into your personal development, as well as the company culture and ultimately benefit by understanding the ethical decision-making process by motivating employees to become self-aware of ethics, culture, seduction and fraud.

The Seduction of Fraud is about:

Inspiring awareness of deceptive and manipulative behaviors

learning in an engaging, interactive, fun approach

professional and personal development

helping you discover your True self

Hello, I’m Steve Morang, your fraud expert.
And I’m Sanya Morang, your seduction expert. Together we introduce “The Seduction of Fraud”.

See you soon at an upcoming workshop or online course!

About us

Sanya Morang

Seduction Expert
As co-founder of the Seduction of Fraud, Sanya is an expert on human nature and behavior. She is an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing & psychology from Webster University, Vienna, Austria. She is currently Vice-President of Research & Development for the San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE. She is also a Certified Spiritual Mentor through Atlantic University, Virginia and has prior experience in the fashion, cosmetics and airline industries.

Steve Morang

Fraud Expert
With over 20 years experience in the anti-fraud profession, Steve has an extensive knowledge of fraud, ethics and compliance. He is President of the San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE, the author of Big Frauds Column of Fraud Magazine and is an Adjunct Professor in Fraud Examination and Ethics at Golden Gate University.

SoF Live Courses @ Golden Gate University

Bridging the gap between Fraud Prevention, Ethics and Human Behavior.

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