About Us

Sanya Morang
Seduction Expert

Sanya is an expert on human nature and behavior. She is the founder of The Seduction of Fraud and is the Director of Honey Badger Consulting. She is an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University and holds a bachelor’s degree from Webster University, Vienna, Austria. Her background also includes extensive experience in both marketing and psychology. She is the former Vice-President of Research & Development for the San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE and is a Certified Spiritual Mentor. Sanya has previously worked in the fashion, cosmetics and airline industries.

Steve Morang
Fraud Expert

With over 20 years experience in the anti-fraud profession, Steve has an extensive knowledge of fraud, ethics and compliance. He is the former President of the San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE, the author of Big Frauds Column of Fraud Magazine and is an Adjunct Professor in Fraud Examination and Ethics at Golden Gate University. Steve also leads the Fraud & Forensics Practice at at a leading CPA firm in the Bay Area.