The Seduction of Fraud Panel Discussion 2019
This is a short 20 minute highlight reel from the nearly 2 hour panel discussion held in October 2019 with four former white collar felons.

The panel discussion is moderated by Sanya Morang, Founder of the Seduction of Fraud and Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

The panel participants include: Ryan Homa, Nathan Mueller, Jerome Mayne and Jim Scalzo. With the exception of Mr. Mayne, all of these gentlemen have spoken as the keynote "fraudster" at the ACFE Global Conference.  

The panel focused on discussing the attributes of the SoF Diamond: Temptation, Opportunity, Entitlement and Boldness.

The Seduction of Fraud™ Diamond
For decades, the anti-fraud profession has relied on the Fraud Triangle to explain white collar crimes such as embezzlement. This article, written by Sanya and Steve, elaborates as to why the Fraud Triangle is an outdated tool and illuminates a new updated alternative.