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"I would recommend 110%. Such an interesting subject, taught by two professionals that are knowledgeable and passionate about the material and about teaching."
"This is not your average accounting class. It's really a study of humanity and how fraudsters might think. It's fun and helpful."
"Loved the videos, historical examples and readings."

ACCTG 396C - Seduction of Fraud

This course will use recent examples of major frauds and scandals to understand the driving motivators that move persons beyond acceptable behavior to commit unethical and sometimes illegal actions such as fraud. It will use historical examples from throughout history to explain behavioral traits that are consistent with such behavior. This will include taking a deep dive into the personalities of persons such as Cleopatra, Casanova and others. Also, we will be examining not only how people are seduced into committing fraud, but also how seduction can be used by them to commit fraud. We will use a combination of various disciplines including:ethics, psychology, human behavior analysis and fraud examination. Lessons will be a combination of "live instruction" via Zoom as well as a multitude of pertinent Hollywood movie clips and special guest lecturers on the topic.

Units: 1 - 3 , Offered: Fall 2020
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ACCTG 396D - Seduction of Fraud II

The Seduction of Fraud 2 will continue the analysis of the link between fraud, ethics and human behavior. We will focus on applying the tools and methodologies such as the Seduction of Fraud Diamond which were introduced in SoF 1 to current case studies such Fyre Festival, Wells Fargo and Volkswagen. Students will work in groups to develop in-depth analysis and potential prevention strategies and techniques for a final paper and presentation. Prerequisite: ACCTG 396C.

Units: 1 - 3 , Offered: Spring 2020 
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