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Central Ohio ACFE Zoom Webcast October 12, 2021:
Analyzing Wirecard case via temptation, opportunity, entitlement and boldness. Once a poster child for Germany’s fintech sector, Wirecard — along with its ambitious CEO — was exposed as a massive fraud that seduced investors. Learn how to analyze the case by emphasizing four attributes.

Description Summary:
Understanding human nature will help you become not only a great leader but a person of integrity and excellence. The Seduction of Fraud (SoF) methodology uses a combination of historical examples, modern day frauds and recent scandals to explain the psychological process of Seduction. Through the introduction of new tools and techniques such as the Seduction of Fraud Diamond™, SoF helps people from all walks of life become cognizant of potential hazards that they encounter within their professional as well as private lives. The SoF Diamond™ examines and unveils the truth about the secret layers of human nature. It is a valuable tool to mitigate risks within organizations. This new methodology combines divergent areas of analytical psychology, psychiatry, literature, philosophy, and religious studies to bridge the gap between fraud prevention, ethics, and human behavior. In this webinar we will analyze the Wirecard scandal using the SoF methodology.