IIA All-Star Conference: The Seduction of Fraud
Picture Two: Sanya Morang standing atop the speakers podium.
CS  8-5: The Seduction of Fraud: Bridging the Gap Between Fraud, Ethics, and  Human Behavior

How do people get seduced into fraud? How do fraudsters use  seduction to deceive people? Seduction is an indirect form of power; when it is raised to the level of an art, it has toppled governments, won elections,  and enslaved great minds. Understanding how fraudsters use seduction in  everyday settings will unlock the mysteries behind their ability to  circumvent even the strongest internal control systems. In this session, participants have successfully:

• Discovered the power behind the seduction of fraud and how  to use this knowledge to bridge the gap between fraud prevention, ethics, and  human nature.

• Described the attributes of the “Seduction of Fraud Diamond”  and how they help to analyze fraud schemes.

• Developed an understanding of the  personality similarities between historical seducers and modern-day fraudsters.